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In an attempt to prevent a pod of dolphins from being corralled and killed in a hidden cove in Japan, actress Hayden Panettiere, from TV’s Heroes, and five other surfers paddled out to sea, only to encounter irate Japanese fishermen. The Sea Shepherd activists, along with model Hannah Fraser Rastovich in her trademark mermaid tail, were poked with boathooks and forced to retreat, and were unable to save the dolphins. The 18-year-old Panettiere eloquently defended her protest over the slaughter of 14,000 dolphins every year, explaining they serve as flagships for the health of marine life and that cultural traditions may need to change with the evolving world environment.

A couple weeks ago on a Santa Monica beach, a sea of celebrities showed up for the 30th anniversary of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, founded by Captain Paul Watson (co-founder of Greenpeace) to protect ecosystems and species. SNL’s Chris Kattan entertained, Pierce Brosnan and Mick Jagger hosted, and attendees included Martin Sheen, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Esai Morales, Melissa Joan Hart, Brittney Murphy, Peter Gallagher, Roseanna Arquette, and Dave Foley.

Justin Timberlake kicked off his world tour with a $100,000 donation to the Australia Zoo. Inspired by the facility, he announced to fans down under that 50 cents from every ticket sold on the Australian tour will be donated to Wildlife Warriors, an organization started by Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin and wife Terri to protect injured, threatened, or endangered wildlife and the environment. I guess “What Goes Around…Comes Around.”

On Larry King last week, Orlando Bloom appeared with cousin, photographer Sebastian Copeland, who’s opened an exhibit and released a book of inspiring images entitled Antarctica: The Global Warning, in association with Global Green USA The book’s  forward was written by Mikhail Gorbechev (the org’s founder) and the intro by Leonardo DiCaprio. Bloom accompanied Copeland on the expedition last January, serving as Zodiac captain for the scientists. THE coffee table book for the holidays, get your tip-of-the-iceberg wallpaper…

The Today Show travels to the Ends of the Earth" for NBC’s environmental week, while 30 Rock will star Greenzo, the eco-friendly mascot. The Singing Bee's contestants will croon to Marvin Gaye's "Mercy Mercy Me (The Ecology),” and Kermit the Frog appears on Deal or No Deal. Someday, we won’t need a Green Day, Week or Month…

Of a more dubious distinction, Jerry Seinfeld's Bee Movie hooked up with McDonald's and Conservation International to encourage kids to go outside and “Bee Good to the Planet.” Is it me or is this a McGreen effort?

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