The Greenerati’s Eco Visions

TV’s green all over. Anderson Cooper hosted “Planet in Peril” on CNN last week; Green Treks airs its third season of Natural Heroes with celeb-activist appearances from Martin Sheen and Willie Nelson; and 150 hours of NBC’s programming is green-themed next week from The Office to the NFL, with eco-PSAs by stars from Heroes, ER and Scrubs. The net launches the “Green is Universal” campaign at Universal Studios this Saturday where folks can dump hazmats and electronic waste at the lot. The studio will then host an Eco Fair next Saturday (11/10) with displays of stuff like solar-powered blenders, eco-friendly popcorn poppers, and free recycled carry-alls from Coca-Cola (huh?)…

Is E! for the Environment? The cable channel greens the small screen by airing the 17th Annual Environmental Media Association Awards on Wednesday, 11/7, emceed by The Soup’s amusing Joel McHale. Wendie Malick, Ed Begley, Jr., Soleil Moon Frye, Incubus, and Sting’s wife Trudie Styler are among guests attending the EMA’s awards ceremony. I won’t divulge the winners, but honors were awarded for best film, documentary, sitcom episode, reality show (guess who wins?), and lifetime achievement. Nominees for the various awards include: My Name is Earl, Boston Legal, NUMB3RS, Happy Feet, Evan Almighty, and, of course, Living With Ed…

Lots of hybrids pulled up for the 17-year-old non-profit’s event (though far too many B-listers were in attendance for my liking). Ben Ford (Harrison’s son) joined celeb chefs feeding the greenerati. Next year’s fete should be inundated with nominees, considering NBC’s eco-week and Discovery’s upcoming green channel… 

Rock band Guster’s Adam Gardner, co-founder of Reverb, responsible for greening musicians’ tours like Maroon 5’s with biodiesel and eco-education “villages,” testified before the Select Committee for Energy Independence last Wednesday for “The Gas is Greener” hearing. Adam addressed the differences between alt-fuels, and a debate ensued on biodiesel vs. ethanol. The committee asked about Reverb’s roundtables on college campuses and seemed impressed with an entire generation’s positive and committed approach to environmental issues.

Chair of the committee, Rep. Edward J. Markey, also joined Bonnie Raitt, Jackson Browne, and Graham Nash the day before for a Nuke Free press conference, in support of renewable energy and fuel economy and opposing loan guarantees for new nuclear power plants. The petition was also signed by R.E.M., Ben Harper, Maroon 5, Pearl Jam, Wynton Marsalis, Steve Earle, the Dixie Chicks, and Don Henley. For those who think it takes celeb’s mega-bucks to go green: It’s free to get involved.

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