KT’s Fantastic, Shakira’s Hip, and Sienna’s Downy

Josh Hartnett, Pink, Orlando Bloom, and KT Tunstall are some of the celebs involved with the UK’s Global Cool. Tunstall doesn't own a car, uses bio-diesel on tour busses, and both her home and recording studio are constructed on reclaimed wood with solar-panels. A portion of profits from her new album, Drastic Fantastic, will be invested in renewable energy sources for developing countries. “Stop completely twatting your planet,” she said on the website.

"Fashion's Fiestiest Icon or Rare Bird?" That’s how the fall mega-issue of Vogue magazine’s cover story refers to actress Sienna Miller, a fellow Global Cool spokesperson. The spread feature her dressed in feathery outfits—ostrich hats and handbags, a gown of rooster plumes, pheasant feathered coat, emu Givency, and grouse on Prada…

Speaking of grousing…stars’ “double-standards” don’t ruffle my feathers, but these images seem inconsistent—like modeling fur—even though couture get-ups aren’t mass produced. The article did squeeze in a mention of her trip to Mumbai “to raise awareness about carbon dioxide levels.”

Don’t know how these birds are de-frocked, but PETA might get its dander up. Back at the turn of the last century, socialites Harriet Lawrence Hemenway and Minna B. Hall, convinced women it was wrong to wear bird feathers on their hats, leading to the Lacey Act stopping the trade of bird feathers—back in 1900…

Global Cool’s chief, Julian Knight says of working with celebs and the environment: the info needs to be bite-size…backed up by a single campaign. Like a recent Shaggy event in London associated with Stop Trashing Our Planet (STOP)?

Edward Norton will narrate Strange Days on Planet Earth 2020, from Sea Studio Foundation’s $16 million media campaign, including an interactive PBS website and iTunes Podcast series connecting the dots between global health, poverty, and the environment. Part of Clinton Global Initiatives (which estimates the many efforts will protect/restore over 170 million acres of forest), another commitment has Shell Petroleum coughing up $5 mil to fund Sesame Street Nigeria. Am I a total cynic to think the oil giant’s donation is a drop in the tank?

At an Apollo Theater concert with Alicia Keys and Wyclef Jean, the ex-Prez celebrated with Chris Rock, Bono and Shakira, who announced a contribution of $40 million to ALAS, a coalition of artists and intellectuals committed to social change in Latin America.


yeah, Shell isn't really shelling out all that much.