Greenhouse or White House?

As mentioned in headlines everywhere, kudos to Al Gore for winning the Nobel Peace Prize!  With an Oscar for An Inconvenient Truth and an Emmy for Current TV, he’s now snagged the most prestigious honor of ‘em all. As an added eco bonus, he’s donating his 750K to the Alliance for Climate Protection, his Live Earth partner. Despite continued speculation about running for president, I wonder why he would want to inherit the mess? The media loves to ponder the possibility, perhaps to make up for mocking his stiffness in 2000. My vote: Let's keep him fighting greenhouse gasses not hot air in DC...

 The cast of 30 Rock doesn’t agree. They all wore “Gore ’08” t-shirts while filming Gore’s guest appearance (presumably as himself) on the show with Tina Fey and Alec Baldwin. Stay tuned the week of November 4th, as part of NBC’s “Get on Board” campaign and “Week of Green,” when all the net’s shows hawk some eco-friendly theme…

Joining skeptics giving the Nobel Committee flak, a British school governor protested showing An Inconvenient Truth in classrooms for its "alarmism," nit-picking nine scientific non-truths. But Justice Burton of London's High Court saw the bigger picture, ruling the film could be screened if accompanied with guidelines… 

The ex-VP also took home the 2007 Oceana’s Partner Award, the org that Ted Danson has supported for so long they give out annual Danson Awards to a scientist for protecting and restoring the marine environment. Brooke Shields, Jeff Goldblum and Mary Steenburgen (seen on HBO’s Curb Your Enthusiasm as herself with husband Danson) were at the function last weekend

On Saturdays’ SNL, Darrell Hammond impersonated Al winning everything, including a “World's Greatest Dad” cup. Gore’s daughter Kristin (former SNL writer and author of Sammy’s House) told Letterman her father won't join the political fray again, confirming his people’s continued position: There are no plans to run.   

More Gore: Vote next week on ecospots submitted to Current TV’s “60 Seconds to Save the Earth” contest judged by George Clooney, Rihanna, director Sam Mendes and more…

Speaking of awards, primatalogist and conservationist Jane Goodall gave out her first kudos celebrating her institute's 30th anniversary. Ed Begley, Jr. presided over Hollywood’s banquet with a star-studded audience applauding Ted Turner for his Responsible Activism in Media and Entertainment award. Jeff Corwin of Animal Planet emceed in DC where Sen. Patrick Leahy was recognized among other notables. Attendees forked out $500 (minimum) for the gala, but each chimp is worth every buck.  



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