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Back to school for eco-ed: A growing number of college campuses are going green, luring famous alums and high-profilers to lead the cheers. Ball State University’s 1969 grad David Letterman dedicated a LEED-certified media and communications building in his honor last weekend…in Southern California, Pitzer College recruited Robert Redford to cut the ribbon this month. HGTV’s “Living with Ed” (Begley, Jr.) will visit the facility this season touring the dorm’s drought-tolerant cactus landscaping, organic green roofs, and other energy-efficient systems. Redford, a winner of EPA’s 2007 Climate Protection Award for his long-time record on the environment, hosts his Third Annual Sundance Summit this week in Utah, gathering 60 US mayors concerned with reducing greenhouse gas…

Willie Nelson, John Mellencamp, Neil Young, Dave Matthews, Counting Crows, and others rocked on Randall's Island in New York this past weekend for the 22nd successful year of Farm Aid’s efforts on behalf of family farmers…Nelson also recently partnered with Daryl Hannah for the Sustainable Biodiesel Alliance, an effort to establish eco-fuel standards. Woody Harrelson is on hand for the Hard Rock Café concert in Times Square today to raise funds for the organization. Presumably Bio Willie will make the grade...

H2 for the Environment? Fergie lost MTV’s VMA Sunday but is winning on eBay. Since Live Earth converted the singer to an eco-activist, she’s dumping her Hummer to benefit Global Green USA. As of today, the highest bid was over 63K!  Although it may be a stretch to call it “recycling,” the vehicle does have low-mileage. Let’s hope it stays that way. Listed through Auction Cause, which will donate carbon emission credits for 10 years to help, the guzzler is ironically painted green…

“Getting the Goods on Green Celebs," a recent LA Times story about the trashing of Hollywood’s eco-spokespeople, makes me wonder: Does the far right and extreme left meet somewhere in the middle with the mainstream media?  Last night on Fox News, Sean Hannity’s harangue against global-warming claimed that he'd ride a bike to work when “hypocrite” Al Gore stops flying jets. Okay, “conservatives” loath “liberal” goody-too-shoes 'tude, leaping upon every perceived foible and condemning celebs who wave causes they don’t share. But when the press panders to people’s passion for shooting stars off pedestals, it smacks of gossip journalism. Who among the stone-throwers don't fly in airplanes?  All this hairsplitting deflects the focus from real issues—like scrutinizing Hannity’s bully-pulpit.  

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