Red Carpet vs. Green Carpet

The Emmys pulled the rug out from under Fox TV's plan to switch the proverbial red carpet to a green walkway to welcome celebs at the annual awards show next month. The network's eco-agenda did get the TV Academy to agree to recyclable materials for invites, tix, and programs, hybrid/bio-fueled vehicles, alt-powered generators, local/organic food at the Governors Ball, and a literal interpretation of the eco-friendly greenroom.

“We are looking at every aspect of our Emmy season...making changes that will reduce our impact on the environment,” said Dick Askin, chairman and CEO of the TV Academy, who apparently stuck with a traditional red mat to match Macy's ads. The rug will be made of recycled materials and be donated to a school or library afterwards.

On another not-so-eco-note, Charlie Sheen commented on the upshot of his show, Two and a Half Men receiving so many nods: "It is a really special day when so many of your cohorts receive a nomination that the idea of carpooling now becomes unrealistic." Good luck, Chuck (and Jon Cryer) on Comedy Lead Actor. Perhaps the winner drives?

Color me comical: Comedy Central launched their version of a green campaign yesterday in its witty way by challenging viewers to "clean up their act." What's your issue? Home, car, or electronic waste? Watch snarky Stephen Colbert's "The Convenientest Truth," even videos from South Park and the upcoming Roast of Flavor Flav, the net's first carbon-neutral show. Partnering with the NRDC, Earth 911 and Green Dimes, they're doing their bit to reduce the damage with clever eco-ed. 

At stand-up tours at colleges this fall they'll distribute "Waste Sucks" reusable totes, the latest must-have fashion accessory. Since Comedy Central viewers are high consumers of new gadgetry, this effort will show just how unconscious they are with an amusing quiz and link to measure their emissions. Now, how about Cartman's? As always, CC delivers the news that's foot to print, proving doom and gloom can be fun to fix.

On Nightline to promote this weekend's release of The 11th Hour, Leonardo DiCaprio got the standard interrogation about celebs not walking the talk. He responded, "Why shoot the messenger?" When it came to answering the proverbial "paper or plastic?" Leo said "Paper, of course." Though his sisters, Nadia Conners and Leila Conners Petersen, the film's directors/co-producers, chimed in unison: "Neither!  Bring your own bag."  (See above “Waste Sucks.”)

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