Is the Grass Greener On the Other Side?

Air American talk radio host, Thom Hartmann, hits the road for appearances after screenings of Leonardo DiCaprio’s The 11th Hour. Starting last Friday in LA, he’s moved on to NYC this week and heads to San Francisco’s Landmark Cinema on the 14th, and Portland on August 29th when the movie goes wider. The author of The Last Hours of Ancient Sunlight, which he says inspired the film, is conducting Q&A sessions. Great idea. Take a look at Warner Bros.’ eco-initiative to see how their corporate policy “takes creativity to entertain the world while conserving resources on the planet…"

Eco-crusader/actor Ed Begley, Jr. and wife Rachelle Carson launch the second season of Living with Ed on Sunday on HGTV, battling out who’s green, greener, greenest. The series visits eco-celebs Jay Leno, Bradley Whitford, and Sharon Lawrence, as well as “regular” folks who showcase their environmentally-friendly home projects. The sneak peek airs Sunday at 10—but tune to the normal slot on Mondays at 10:30 pm...

Other Hollywood couples in the green spotlight: July newlywed Rebecca Romijn (Ugly Betty) is converting her husband Jerry O’Connell. They got a water purification system as a wedding gift from her mother, had solar panels installed in their home, and drive her Prius. His fall series is called Carpoolers, appropriately....

When not in their New Orleans pad, keeping an eye on Brad Pitt’s Katrina housing project with Global Green, the Brangelina brood will live La Vida Verde at newsly-acquired Chateau Val Joanis, a historic French estate in the Rhone Valley with an organic vineyard, vegetable garden, and orchard...C’est Jolie!

Children’s icons, from Sesame Street’s Big Bird and Ernie to Thomas the Tank Engine, were yanked off the market by Mattel, Fisher-Price, and other companies on discovering lead in their painted products. After decades of efforts to remove lead from gasoline, wall paint, etc., nine million toys made in China have been recalled. With China manufacturing the lion’s share (80 percent) of the earth’s playthings, it gives new meaning to the Cookie Monster. Tickle yourself, Elmo. An alternative is Dynafly—a toy powered by kid’s irrepressible energy. Created by the Zen Design Group of Michigan, instead of using batteries, the critter’s crank recharges and sets the bug buzzing and LED-lit eyeballs glowing. The line of SEE Toys, available soon, includes a Dynacar, dolphin, and shark. Now how about that cartoon series?