Green Rocks

Following in the footprint of many local rock fests, Lollapalooza, Perry Ferrell's annual music extravaganza, happens this coming weekend in Chicago, boasting 140 bands on nine stages. This year, the venue has biodiesel fueled generators and provides biodegradable, compostable or recyclable cups, bottles, food containers and utensils to deal with the mounds of litter. True to form, this event’s “Green Street” offers “Rock and Recycle” buttons, t-shirts, and info…

Also this weekend, in Baltimore, the campaign at the Virgin Festival is called “Green It Like You Mean It.” Daryl Hannah will be on hand along with concerts by The Police, Smashing Pumpkins, Incubus, Beastie Boys, and more. Among the environmental efforts: BYOB (bring your own bottle—of water—to be refilled at stations throughout the venue—in lieu of lots of plastic bottles, 100 percent non-virgin paper products, and solar energy sources...

Besides musicians making green waves, television networks have joined cable channels’ greencasting. In addition to NBC, CBS Paramount recently released Emmy contenders that will be watched online by voters. Instead of sending out batches of DVDs of programs for viewing, CBS is saving plastic (and money) with their green campaign, "Putting your Green Where it Counts," which allows us to view too, even if we can’t vote on winners…Okay, ABC is next...

Nightline did air a story about Bill Nye (the former “Science Guy”), a neighbor of Ed Begley, Jr., and the green battle the two are engaged in for the lowest carbon footprint. Inspired by Begley’s environmental home and lifestyle, Nye built a state-of-the-art power grid, but without a wife and daughter sucking up energy with hairdryers, etc., he’s got an advantage on winning whose grass is “greener,” so to speak...

Melding both music and film, Dave Stewart (formerly of the Eurythmics) is joining with Greenpeace on a documentary about Dorothy Stang, the nun whose efforts on behalf of Brazilian rainforests lead to her murder in 2005. He’s also releasing an album series called Lover Earth – as opposed to Mother Earth...

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I would love some information on the rock and recycle program, as I'm heading up an iniative to start a company wide recycling program. Please contact me with information, or a resource, as I'd like some involvement from external resources more in the know. I have a few buttons from palooza, but that's just a start.




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