…3-4-5-6-7/7/07! Countdown to Live Earth

With 150 acts entertaining two billion viewers, it’s days – no, hours till Live Earth...eBay auctioning off “Sky Box” tickets and meet'n'greets, like “Ladies & Gentlemen: This is Dinner With Spinal Tap!” going to the highest bidder (do I hear “$2000?”) with Rob Reiner joining band members to keep the planet from "spontaneously combusting." As of July 12th, Derek Small’s bass and other goodies on eBay will continue benefitting the Alliance for Climate Protection...

If watching the concerts all day Saturday on Sundance, NBC’s cable and broadcast nets, Bravo, MSN’s streaming, or other feeds, be sure to catch highlights like Tokyo’s Yellow Magic Orchestra, The Parlotones in Johannesburg, 12 Girls Band in Shanghai, and Ricky Gervais on stage with Spinal Tap…

‘Tis easier to donate cash than change habits, so green tips will air between concerts from 30 stars such as Will Ferrell, Perry Ferrell, Toby Maguire, and Penelope Cruz (who walks the talk in Planet Shoes and organic designer duds by Edun and Linda Loudermilk)…smart cars will transport celebs around venues (this cute lowest-carbon-emitting-vehicle is due for sale Stateside in ‘08)…among the many presenters, Naomi Campbell appearing in South Africa and Toni Collette (whose band plays…who knew?) in Australia…Live Earth’s Seven-Point Pledge, taken last week by Dem leader, Sen. Harry Reid and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, inspired their plans to “green” the Capitol building…

Now can we skip jibes like Pet Shop Boys' Neil Tennant claiming rockers "lecturing people looks arrogant" and suspend scrutiny about celebs’ hypocrisy? Even Paris feeds her dogs organic food, but some garbage-picker sold one of her empty “Party Animal” cans on eBay for an unearthly 1.5 mil…how about auctioning it off for a worthy cause?!

Casey Affleck got his PETA PSA banned by the networks for being too graphic…PETA, which takes the meat biz to task environmentally for wasting resources, land degradation, water pollution, and loss of biodiversity, announced members votes for “sexiest vegetarian celebrities:” Carrie Underwood and The Tonight Show’s Kevin Eubanks got top nods, joining veggies Pam Anderson and Alec Baldwin, who says: "Do it for animals. Do it for the environment. Do it for your health."

Quien mas verde? Letterman or LenoBruce Willis yukked it up with Dave, wearing a mock wind turbine propeller hat last week, chatting about making An Unappealing Hunch...while Jay (who works with Popular Mechanics on a green garage) cracked about his bandleader’s kudos…

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