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Scared green

With Halloween lurking, Bette Midler’s annual “Hulaween” event (to fund the New York Restoration Project) presents an online auction for anyone unable to attend the gala. Until Nov. 10, bid on lots of celebs offering meet’n’greets and VIP tix—all to benefit the planting of green space in Manhattan and its boroughs. Prius-driving star of The New Adventures of Old Christine Wanda Sykes is giving away a ticket to her Vegas stand-up show for only $500, and some bigger ticket items include a $7,500 seat at a Cher show, a ticket to the Entourage premiere for $10,000, a seat at a Kathy Griffin show, a chance to meet Whoopie Goldberg backstage on the set of The View, and autographed posters from greenie Leo DiCaprio. Lunch with Hugh Jackman is raking in a whopping $20,000 in cash for the cause—and counting.

Speaking of Aussies, Oz actor/eco-activist, Cate Blanchett, opened the ninth World Congress of Metropolis in Sydney last weekend, to discuss social sustainability, climate change and the global economic crisis. The gathering (80 cities strong) dealt with growing concerns that the worldwide recession could halt environmental progress and slow urban renewal. Will plans for richer cities to fund poor cities survive the current tumult?

On the subject of connecting the dots between global warming and the financial meltdown, Al Gore hosts a “Power Vote” live webcast to get out the youth vote–so far, there’s apparently a low youth turnout in early voting. On Wednesday, Oct. 29, the former Veep speaks on how to “Repower America,” linking the critical upcoming election to eco and economic issues, and addressing the pronounced differences between the candidates. Sign up to join in at 8:30 pm EST/5:30 pm PST at We Can Solve It. With lots of green initiatives on the ballot in many states, read the fine print.

“Vote!” was the message at a Washington D.C. rally this past Sunday where Heroes star Hayden Panettiere joined supporters at the Capitol building, who gathered to form the shape of a pilot whale for an aerial art stunt. The 19-year-old actress took the role of the whale’s eye for the photo op, which took place on the anniversary of her protest against whale slaughter in Japan last year. “I’m going to make my first vote count,” she says. Can’t imagine it will be cast for the McCain/Palin ticket, considering the Gov shot wolves from a helicopter and attempted to remove polar bears from the threatened species list. Just a guess.

Green fashion shows and anti-fur campaigns

Last week, Maggie Gyllenhaal (The Dark Knight) kicked off LA Fashion Week’s Spring 2009 collections with a “Fashionably Natural” event featuring eco-designers promoted by Gen Art, a nonprofit that promotes emerging visual artists. Wearing a black dress made from organic cotton and bamboo, the host extolled the benefits of pesticide-free sustainable fabrics, adding that her fiance Peter Sarsgaard plans to live off the grid.

Eco-Ganik took the stage Wednesday to show its organic clothing line, and the fashion fest closed with the Green Initiative Humanitarian gala with collections from Marymee, Smart Glass, and others. Eco-Skin had its models prance down the runway with a frightened wolf on a leash, a python around a neck, and a panicky monkey on a back. Despite the beauty company’s self-professed commitment to the environment, they should keep live animals off the catwalk. Good to see green strides being made, but the garment biz has a ways to go.

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ABC censors ads during debates

In a questionable move, the ABC network refused to air the “Repower America” ad from We Can Solve It during the Presidential debate, displaying the powerful resistance to making the switch to renewable energy.

For some real “straight talk,” watch the message of the WE campaign’s ad:

The solution to our climate crisis seems simple.
Repower America with wind and solar.
End our dependence on foreign oil. A stronger economy.
So why are we still stuck with dirty and expensive energy?
Because big oil spends hundreds of millions of dollars to block clean energy.
Lobbyists, ads, even scandals.
All to increase their profits, while America suffers.
Breaking big oil's lock on our government ...
Now that's change.
We're the American people and we approve this message.

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Celebrities vote green

With less than a month before Election Day, the candidates aren’t the only ones in the throes of campaigning. Declare Yourself, an organization designed to get people to the polls, has hit all forms of media (from print to viral videos), with all forms of celebs campaigning for the cause. In an effort to speak out, Jessica Alba is wrapped in duct tape to illustrate the tagline, “Only you can silence yourself,” and Heroes’ Hayden Panettiere puts aside her “Save the Whales” work to join the effort in a mock shopping network spot to hawk the latest in muzzles.

The gallery of videos on the website feature stars ranging from greenie Leonardo DiCaprio to Sarah Silverman with her message “Get your Nana to vote for Obama.” Besides the entertainment value, there’s lots of info available including blurbs on where the candidates stand on issues and details on voting early in the 31 states that allow it. Might not be a bad idea to avoid unprecedented lines and any hiccups.

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Celebs attend a variety of green events

Celebs supporting events a’plenty in the coming weeks. Take a look at the upcoming environmental gatherings with “green and famous” hosts and attendees:

At last week’s Clinton Global Initiative conference, Bono blasted the Wall Street bailout, while supporting self-sustaining African economies by selling special organic t-shirts featuring CBS’s Survivor show, created by his and his wife’s eco-clothing company Edun.

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