Today is the last day to save the Endangered Species Act

More than 100,000 negative comments about the Bush Admin's plan to gut the Endangered Species Act were delivered to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service on Friday, thanks to the hard work of 120 groups who helped pull together the letters.

They were joined by more than 80 Congressmen who also wrote letters condemning the changes.

In August, the Bush Administration proposed new regulations that would slash the protections offered under the Endangered Species Act, as well as the independent scientific reviews so critical to its success. The proposals also came with two particularly heinous rules: public comments would only be accepted for 30 days (not the usual 120), and they would not be accepted by email, as they are for all other government proposals.

This attempt to railroad the new regulations met with immediate resistance, and the comment period was extended by another 30 days. That public comment period ends today.

You can still send your comments through an online form, but don't delay. They're due by the end of business today.

The worst thing about these proposed changes is that they are not subject to vote or approval by Congress. The Interior Department can make the changes no matter what, if they really want to. We need to ensure that enough people tell them that such a move will in no way be acceptable.

So make your voice be heard, before it's too late.

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