More violence threatens mountain gorillas in Congo

Rebels have seized and vandalized the headquarters of rangers protecting the last population of mountain gorillas in Virunga National Park, in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

This comes as fighting between the Congo army and rebel forces escalates, and as the world's largest peacekeeping force (17,000 UN soldiers) sits in wait of the ability act.

More than 50 park rangers were forced to feel the Gorilla Park headquarters this weekend. Rebels hope to use the building as a base to expand the area they control. The rebels already control the Mwaro Corridor, which connects the Gorilla Sector to the rest of Virunga National Park. As park ranger Innocent Mburanumwe posted on the official website of Virunga National Park, "I cannot remember such a desperate situation in a very long time."

I've written about mountain gorillas several times over the past few years. Unfortunately, the situation in the DRC worsens every month, and the heroes protecting the last few hundred mountain gorillas continue to have to risk their lives in order to do their jobs.  

You can keep up with the situation by visiting the rangers' blog, where you can also make a donation to support their work.

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