China's tainted milk scandal hits endangered species

Two young orangutans and a lion cub at a Chinese zoo have developed kidney stones after being fed what turned out to be tainted milk.

So far, more than 50,000 human children have been affected by Chinese milk tainted with the industrial chemical melamine, which causes kidney stones when consumed.

The animals at Hangzhou Wild Animal Park were fed milk from manufacturer Sanlu for more than a year. They will now undergo ultrasonic treatment to break up their kidney stones, which are already affecting the urinary functions of at least one of the orangutans.

A zoo representative said that all new-born carnivores are fed milk or milk powder after being weaned. Hangshou will now start testing the urine of all of its animals to check for further problems. Other zoos and wildlife parks report they haven't encountered any troubles from tainted milk yet, but it could take months for any more cases to be discovered.

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This is a true tragedy. Putting the lives of children at risk is criminal. It's absolutely frightening when you stop and think about all the foods that may contain that tainted milk...

To see the bad milk affecting innocent baby orangutans is equally if not more disturbing. Orangutans are already facing a senseless extinction at the hands of the palm oil industry in Borneo and Sumatra. Now these gentle creatures can't even drink their milk in zoos and sanctuaries without suffering from kidney stones! What is the world coming to?

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