Friday is Endangered Species Day

Okay, so it's not quite the same as Christmas or the Fourth of July, but this Friday's Endangered Species Day is a chance for people around the U.S. to get out and learn about their endangered local plants, wildlife and fish -- and about what they can do to help them.

More than 70 Endangered Species Day events will take place in 25 states. Participants and local organizers include zoos, libraries, aquariums, wildlife preserves, museums and schools.

Can't find an event in your area? The sponsor, the Endangered Species Coalition, has an online toolkit for those who would like to organize their own local events. They also have downloadable educational materials for use in classrooms.

There are two Endangered Species events going on in my town this Friday. I just might have to take the day off and see what I can learn. I hope you can do the same.