Whale watch

Another court victory, while protests stir Japanese anger and Norway makes its case for eating more whale meat...

The U.S. Navy has lost another court battle in its attempts to use powerful active sonar system during training exercises. The sonar has been found to be harmful to marine mammals, and a federal appeals court has now ruled that there is no "national defense exception" which would allow the training exercises to continue as planned. President Bush had previously exempted the Navy from an earlier court ruling banning the use of its sonar during training sessions.

Meanwhile, protests against Japanese whaling are getting more and more extreme. Yesterday, members of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society threw butyric acid onto a Japanese whaling whaling vessel, "slightly injuring three crew and coast guard members," according to news agency AFP. Japan now plans its own protests against the protestors, and will take its case to the International Whaling Commission later this week. Japan calls its whale hunting "research," although the meat eventually ends up going to market.

Speaking of whale meat, Norway's High North Alliance, a pro-whale-hunting group, has made the outrageous claim that eating whale is good for the environment. Specifically, "Greenhouse gas emissions caused by one meal of beef are the equivalent of eight meals of whale meat," according to High North's study. I'm sure the whales might take issue with that conclusion.