Warming worries for wildlife

The North Pole lost more ice in 2007 than ever before. Now scientists are warning that 2008's ice loss may be even greater. Oh yay. I hope polar bears like to swim. (Heck, I hope we all do.)

On the opposite pole, King penguins may soon be deposed from their Antarctic kingdom, as global warming puts them on the path to extinction. New studies show that warmer waters around the King penguins' habitats are driving away their primary food sources. The effect will be quick:

Using a mathematical model, the scientists calculate that there will be a nine per cent decline in the adult penguin population for every 0.26ºC of sea surface warming.

Now let's go to the desert. What if Joshua Tree National Park had no Joshua trees? Climate change could make that happen in the next 100 years, according to ecologist Cameron Barrows. Would they change the name to Ex-Joshua Tree National Park?