Homeowners vs. endangered species

Canada's Endangered Species Act gets beefed up this summer, adding new protections and more support for voluntary species-stewardship activities. But some people aren't happy about the new legislation. The Ontario Landowners Association has been actively working against it, even going so far as to bulldoze key endangered species habitats before the new law takes effect. (They sound like such wonderful and reasonable people.)

Thousands of miles away, Florida's key deer are a conservation success story -- and some people hate them for it. With populations of the tiny, dog-sized endangered species at an all-time high, some homeowners are bristling at the high cost of protecting their property from the deer (or vice-versa). Now the Florida Keys are abuzz over a wave of gruesome deer killings the likes of which the islands have never seen. (Isn't it nice when people take out their frustrations on tame, friendly animals?)

Of course, many homeowners are making "green" decisions, including making sure the wood they use comes from sustainable trees. An article at Seacoastonline.com offers advice on picking the right lumber and furniture. At least some people are doing the right thing.

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