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January, 2008

Wind vs. Wings
There's Oil in Them Thar Polar Bear Habitats!
Biofuels' Potential Danger to Biodiversity
Chinese Scientists Save the "Floral Panda"
Polar Bears, Butterflies Get Lawyers
Endangered Species News Roundup
Endangered Japanese Crane Outgrowing Its Habitat
Endangered Turtles Bring Higher Profits for Pet Dealers
Six Foreign Birds Get Protection in U.S.
"Year of the Reef" Launches Today
A Bad Week for Endangered Species in the U.S.
Global Warming: Bad News for Pugs and Bulldogs
Save the World's "Weirdest" Amphibians
Common Cold Killing Chimps -- Researchers to Blame
Britain's Rarest Fish Gets Rarer
Kenya "Anarchy" Threatens Wildlife
WILDLIFE: Fear dominates wolf delisting debate

February, 2008

"Sexual harassment" endangers rare Mexican fish
Save an endangered species by domesticating it?
Too many endangered species, too little time
A win for whales
Homeowners vs. endangered species
Twists and turns in polar bear protection saga
Flying free
Warming worries for wildlife
Yes, no, maybe
Food or bait?
Shark fin soup: extinction in a bowl
Endangered species news updates
One tiny, tiny, tiny step for endangered species
Anyone know how to make bulletproof vests for wolves?
Brazilian state aims for "Zero Extinctions"
Can a species be "evil"?
Can one man save the world's smallest snail?
Elephant conservation too successful, culling to begin
England protects voles, other endangered species
End-of-the-month endangered species news wrap-up

March, 2008

Endangered species: The new "blood diamonds"
Whale watch
Kenya: No tourism = no wildlife
The woes of the wandering wolverine
Six wins for endangered species
The economics of endangered species
Six losses for endangered species
Tiger populations plummet -- down 50% in 25 years
Study: Endangered chimps are no laughing matter
Reintroducing one of the world's rarest insects
The sad saga of the saiga
Fish recovery plan sets a precedent in Canada
CITES takes action against Nigeria's trade in endangered species
Group sues to protect 681 endangered species
China turns to "sexercise" to encourage panda breeding
Japan takes quick action to protect rare beetle
Wolves lose protected status today
Man meddles, nature suffers

April, 2008

Could the Tasmanian devil evolve and save itself from extinction?
Endangered sunflower gets critical habitat
Interior Secretary blows off polar bear hearings
Cambodian waterbirds make a comeback -- thanks to former poachers
Project aims to preserve endangered frogs -- by freezing their sperm
Extinct species rediscovered
Britain's butterflies, dragonflies disappearing fast
Too many males for critically endangered seabird
At least China is doing one good thing for Tibet
Judge: No more delays on polar bear decision

May, 2008

Another endangered species, another case of White House interference
Solar power vs. endangered birds
Rare breeding success for China's endangered crested ibis
Hey Americans, stop buying ivory!
Why hasn't the endangered Puerto Rican parrot recovered?
History repeating itself for peregrine falcons
Breeding success for three critically endangered species
Polar bears declared a threatened species; oil drilling to continue
Friday is Endangered Species Day
Humans driving 1% of species to extinction every year, says study
Extinct: Say good-bye to the white-handed gibbon
Avian apocalypse: 1 in 8 bird species risks extinction
Good news for humpback whales
Finning continues to devastate shark populations
Endangered species news from around the world
Rare beauty disappearing from the wild
The race to discover the world's biodiversity ... before it disappears
Is it too late to save New Zealand's endangered dolphins?

June, 2008

Wildlife lawsuits, as far as the eye can see
Will lead-bullet ban take effect in time to save the California Condor?
Hamster extinction could cost France millions
Another extinction: The Caribbean monk seal
Endangered species news catch-up
Mediterranean sharks see 99% decline, now "functionally extinct"
Gold rush
Protection sought for 32 endangered species "at the knife's edge of extinction"
African rhino populations boom, but one species goes bust
New fishing regulations to protect critically endangered albatross
Blue whale blues
More butterflies on the brink
Another shark swims toward extinction
Feral cats take their toll on Australia's bilby
"Nemo" getting harder to find
Snow leopard poaching crisis in Afghanistan
Fences and endangered species

July, 2008

Penguins in peril
How climate change could kill off the tuatara
New mathematical model predicts faster extinctions. Much faster.
Tasmanian devils face end of days in the wild
As go the coral reefs...
Orangutan deathwatch
Endangered mice had better stay in Colorado
Should China be allowed to import ivory?
China given OK to buy ivory. Poachers rejoice
Plague strikes down black-footed ferrets
Texans, help endangered plants by collecting seeds
Howling good news for gray wolves
Rare plant blooms for the first time since 2004
Biodiversity crisis in the Philippines
California's condors aren't the only ones in trouble
Racing to save a newly discovered monkey from extinction
Poisoned parrots may create shift in New Zealand possum-control policies
Mongolia to sell off endangered falcons

August, 2008

Where's the outcry against elephant poaching?
Primates in peril: 48% risk extinction
Three mussel species declared extinct
Bush proposes slashing endangered species protections
Spotted owl populations drop 50% while protected habitat shrinks
Some whale species recover; others, not so much
Bush Admin seeks to make public comment extinct
Wide range of extinctions predicted
Should we care about an endangered dandelion?
Is it hot in here or am I just a pika?
An icon for Australia's endangered species
Squirrely decision could doom flying squirrel to extinction
The wrong decision for the North Atlantic right whale
Last-minute drug ban could save India's almost-extinct vultures

September, 2008

Captive breeding could save fragile butterfly from extinction
I don't know which endangered species to write about today
More vultures headed for extinction, this time in South Africa
Scotland moves quickly to protect tiny, rare snail
Two African nations team up to protect world's rarest ape
An example of why it is so hard to protect endangered species
30 more days to save the Endangered Species Act
700 North American fish species risk extinction
Africa's bushmeat problem
A win for wolves!
State of the world's birds: It ain't good
Could global warming benefit one species of endangered shark?
Could selective breeding recreate an extinct tortoise?
China's tainted milk scandal hits endangered species
Navajo Nation moves to protect bald eagles
Japan to preserve seeds of 1,690 endangered plant species

October, 2008

Bush Admin spins its move to protect 48 Hawaiian species
Extinctions predicted for fish, red panda
2008 Red List of Endangered Species: A 'bleak picture' of the world's biodiversity
Breeding failure could doom turtle to extinction
Canada fails to protect grizzlies, killer whales
Poaching puts African fauna and flora at risk of extinction
Rare frog delays extinction for another year
Today is the last day to save the Endangered Species Act
Six degrees of kangaroo extinction
Salvation (and media attention) for endangered Cook Inlet beluga whales
Countdown to a rare plant's extinction
Rare coral cross-breeds to survive
The dilemma of the disappearing dingo
More violence threatens mountain gorillas in Congo
Wolves in the cross-hairs -- again!
The race to save Mexico's 'water monster'
Can international cooperation save the vaquita?

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