Gee, a Happy Beginning: Pennsylvania to Protect Northern Flying Squirrel

Imagine being a flying squirrel. You spread your arms, leap off a tree branch, let the wind catch in the skin stretched between your front and back paws and start to glide... gliding toward the next tree... the tree that should be just a few hundred feet away... the tree that is suddenly no longer there. And the ground comes rushing up...

Once populous throughout Pennsylvania, the northern flying squirrel faces an uncertain future as its habitat has been divided and fractured by human development. They are also at risk by a parasite which attacks their ability to store up fat for the winter. So they suddenly can't fly very far to find food and they're freeze to death. Not a great way to go.

The Pennsylvania Game Commission hopes to reverse this. They have declared the northern flying squirrel and endangered species in the state, which will allow that state to better manage their habitat and to apply for federal conservation funding.

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