60 Nations Meet to Save Endangered Raptors

Animals do it. Birds do it. Fish do it. It's called migration, and it often takes species across borders from one country into another. It also often takes them into areas where the rules governing their protection change from one mile to the next.

This week, 60 nations from Europe, Asia and Africa meet at the Convention on Migratory Species, where they will attempt to agree on new draft rules to protect 77 species of migratory birds of prey. The rules would aim to create cross-border protections that would help conserve the species against threats ranging from climate change to hunting to pollution. If the nations agree on the draft rules, a full agreement could be signed next year.

In other Convention on Migratory Species news, the CMS recently helped negotiate a memorandum of understanding between several nations to protect the last 500 Mediterranean Monk Seals.

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