Rebels in Congo Seize Gorilla Sector

Mountain Gorillas face one more danger as large sections of Virunga National Park have been seized by rebel soldiers. Three ranger patrol posts has been taken over by the rebels, who took all of the rangers' supplies and equipment (but luckily let the rangers themselves go).

Norbert Mushenzi, Director of the Southern Sector for Virunga National Park posted this update on the Gorilla Protection blog:

There are still no rangers whatsoever in the sector due to this bad security so the gorillas are unprotected. Most rangers have been evacuated to Rumanagabo, the park HQ. Some have gone down to the city of Goma.

We continue to watch the events unfold. The gorillas are caught up in the middle of this, and as soon as possible it is imperative to get trackers to the area to ascertain the status of the gorilla families. Thank you for all your lobbying and your support to help us get this message out. We hope for the best and fear the worst.

So do we. So do we.

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