Alabama Business Coalition Fights Against Sturgeon Protection

The Alabama sturgeon has "no economic value" and therefore should not be protected under the Endangered Species Act, argues the Alabama-Tombigbee Rivers Coalition, a business group made up of "Alabama Power Co., the Alabama State Port Authority and organizations representing barge companies and other commercial river users," reports the Alabama Press-Register.

The Alabama sturgeon gained Endangered Species protection in 2000, and is so rare that it has only been spotted once in the last eight years.

So-called "commerce claims" have been rejected time and time again in anti-endangered species suits, and this one is no exception. Lawsuits have been going on for years, with businesses arguing the protected sturgeon will destroy trade on Alabama rivers. But seven years later, the ESA listing "does not appear to have had the economic impact predicted by opponents," reports the Press-Register.

The coalition is being supported by the Pacific Legal Foundation, a particularly heinous organization that is fighting the Endangered Species Act (and anything else it considers restrictive to business) in court cases on many fronts.

Let's hop the courts give them another resounding disappointment in this effort.

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