Emergency Rangers Deployed to Protect Endangered Mountain Gorillas

Last month's attack on endangered mountain gorillas in the Democratic Republic of the Congo's Virunga National Park was much worse than originally believed. Four murdered gorillas were found during the last week of July. Now comes news that the bones of a fifth gorilla have been found, one of the slain gorilla's infants is still missing and presumed dead, and several other gorillas were injured in the original attack.

As a result, a temporary force of 30 rangers has been deployed to Virunga to help protect the mountain gorillas. They come from a "force normally stationed in northern Virunga, where hippo poaching is a major problem," according to National Geographic.

A permanent force of 50 rangers is also being established for the park.

Protecting the mountain gorillas is not an easy task. The rangers are under constant threat, and several have been murdered over the last few years. The park is huge and not easily patrolled. The people of the DRC are desperate for food and fuel, and the forests are being destroyed by the voracious illegal charcoal trade, which many believe may be responsible for the gorilla slayings.

You can keep up with the efforts to protect these magnificent creatures by visiting the rangers' blog, where you can also make a donation to support their work.

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