Borneo Rhinos Suffer from Low Sperm Count

It's bad enough that there are only 30-50 Borneo rhinos left in the wild. Now comes word that the remaining male rhinos are also suffering from low sperm counts, while the females have cysts in their reproductive organs. Either condition alone could further inhibit the species' ability to mate and survive.

Attempts to breed the rhinos in captivity so far have failed, and experts on gathering on the island of Borneo this week to discuss their options on how to keep the species breeding and alive. They do not yet understand what is causing the rhinos' reproductive problems, but one theory is that they just don't encounter each other enough to have the opportunity to mate.

The Borneo rhino (also known as the Eastern Sumatran or Asian Two-Horned Rhinoceros)  is so rare, elusive and secretive, it was only photographed in the wild for the first time last year. It is a subspecies of the critically endangered Sumatran rhino, which has a current population of just 300 animals.

Extra link: The International Rhino Foundation