Turkish Group Aims for "Zero Extinction"

Turkey's Nature Association (Doğa Derneği) is seeking funding for nine projects in the second year of its Zero Extinction Fund. Last year, the group raised more than $75,000 (including innovative SMS donations) for various projects, including one which identified, tracked, and protected striped hyenas, and filmed the species for the first time in the peninsula of Anatolia. Projects for 2007-2008 include saving the last 11 demoiselle cranes in Turkey.

The Turkish Zero Extinction Fund, launched in 2006, has identified 305 "Key Biodiversity Areas" where it aims to carry out conservation efforts. Its projects include: conservation of threatened orchid species in Southern Turkey; the rediscovery of the Anatolian leopard; the conservation of the Sultansazlığı wetlands; and the preservation globally threatened Great Bustards.

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