Tiger Population Decline is "Catastrophic", Says WWF Scientist

To me, few things make this blog as vital as the rapid decline of tiger populations around the globe.

This Wednesday, WWF chief scientist Eric Dinerstein called on the world's governments to immediately cease trade in tiger products and increase their efforts to conserve both the tigers and their habitats. "We're recommending that tiger range states and other governments with an interest in tiger conservation convene a high-level 'tiger summit' to address poaching, trade and habitat protection - urgently," said Dinerstein, as quoted at

Dinerstein's is the co-author of a paper, "The Fate of Wild Tigers", in the journal BioScience which comes at a very critical time for tigers. China has a legal market for farmed tiger products, and that has created economic pressure to ease all Chinese legislation on tiger trade, and made it easier for poachers to "launder" products made from illegally killed tigers into the legal supply.

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