Jam Makers Hope to "Preserve" Rare Apricot from Extinction

How do you save a fruit from extinction when farmers don't want to grow it? Easy. Turn it into jam.

The Blenheim apricot is a rare species that, like many fruit and vegetable species, is endangered because farmers don't find it profitable enough to grow. The Blenheim is so fragile that it doesn't travel well, and as a result doesn't make it to store shelve or even many farmers markets.

Enter Eric Haeberli and Phineas Hoang, founders of Five years ago, Haeberli and Hoang started making apricot jam from a single Blenheim tree in their backyard. At first, they produced just 100 jars a year, and now say they will make a total of just about 3,000 jars, all in hopes of preserving a species by turning it into preserves.

Sixteen bucks may be a hefty price for a 16-ounce jar of jam, but preserving a better tasting apricot just may be priceless.