Extinction Blog: A (re)introduction

Welcome to the newest version of Extinction Blog, the world's first (and still only) newswire devoted to news about endangered species around the world. Thank you for reading, and thanks to Plenty Magazine for bringing this blog -- and this important subject -- to a much wider audience.

I started Extinction Blog close to three years ago, and since then I have written about more than 750 endangered species around the globe. Unfortunately, this just scratches the surface. Many more species are at risk. Unfortunately, you might not know it from watching the nightly news.

Oh sure, almost everyone knows that the polar bear is in trouble these days, and that the spotted owl has caused loggers some sleepless nights. But how many people know about the endangered Sand Mountain blue butterfly, or the Kemp's ridley turtle? How about the Amur leopard, merbau tree, tiger catfish, or hundreds of other species? These endangered species are often dying in silence, and that doesn't have to be the case.

And so, stay tuned to Extinction Blog for the latest news and scientific research about the world's most endangered species, along with a few ideas on how you can help. Expect several new stories each week -- more, when the world demands it.

New news entries will start here tomorrow. Until then, please feel free to explore the Extinction Blog archives. The last year's worth of entries are now available at


Thanks for doing this. It's important work.