Endangered but Unprotected: The Florida Bonneted Bat

Scientists don't have much information about the Florida bonneted bat, but they do know that the species is critically endangered, with as few as 100 individuals believed left alive and a single known colony -- in a woman's back yard.

Florida's Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission lists the bat as endangered, but according to the Florida Bat Center, the Commission knows too little about the bonneted bat to protect it against development.

Researchers from the Florida Bat Conservancy are trying to fix that, according to a report in The Herald-Tribune. They have been hired by the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission to study the bats. By tracking their unique high-pitched call, the researchers hope to find out more about where the bats live, the size of their hunting ground, and other critical information which could help the bats to gain protected status under both state and Federal guidelines.

Good luck, folks!