Chinese Turtle May Be Extinct in Ten Years

There may be only 100 golden-headed box turtles left alive in China's Anhui Province, according to scientists from Anhui Normal University. Researchers say that the turtle, which was only discovered in 1988, may be extinct in ten years. In fact, local villagers say they have not even seen a box turtle for five years.

According to the Munich-based group Pro Wildlife, the golden-headed box turtle is "one of the most requested and most expensive species in the Chinese food markets," where it fetches up to $900 per turtle

The Anhui Normal University scientists have proposed creating a 3,000-hectare natural reserve to preserve and protect the species from extinction.

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Why would anybody want to eat a rare breed of turtles? Can we eat what is abundant on our planet? Why can humans be so ignorant? Let's wake up!

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