Ontario passes tougher endangered species protection; business owners vow "civil disobedience"

The fates of 175 at-risk species in the Canadian province of Ontario received a boost this week with the passage of a tougher new law protecting endangered species. The update to Ontario's Endangered Species Act grants added protection to several new species and gives scientists more leeway to add additional species to the protected list.

Link: Endangered species protected in Ontario with tough new law.

Of course, not everyone is happy. The president of one local chapter president of the Ontario Landowners Association promises acts of "civil disobedience" if the government infringes on the rights of private-property owners. The Peterborough Examiner reports:

While Otten wouldn't be specific on what acts of civil disobedience he is planning, he said anything would be considered in an effort to defend the rights of landowners.

"We are always being painted as militants and rebels, but we are the defenders," Otten said.

Wow. And the U.S. government wants to call environmentalists the "terrorists" instead of folks like this. Go figure.

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