Feral cats threaten Hef's rabbits

This is one reason why I keep my cats indoors: feral and stray cats are at least partially to blame for the recent 50% drop in a rabbit species called Sylvilagus palustris hefneri, named after Playboy's Hugh Hefner. There were just 200 rabbits left in when the species was granted endangered species status in 1990. Local officials in the Florida Keys have announced they will try to catch the cats, which protesters feared would not be done in a human manner.

By the way, this story illustrates one of main reasons why I do this blog. At last count, the story of "Hef's rabbits" had been picked up by 117 newspapers. Other recent species at risk have gotten nowhere nearly as much press, because they aren't as cute, or they don't have as strong of a news hook as a rabbit named after the founder of Playboy, or the papers can't come up with as clever a headline as the one below:

Link: Scientists hope Hef bunny numbers jump.

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