Bowling for Rhinos

Ladies and gentlemen, my favorite lead paragraph of any article or press release of the last year:

Rhinos can't bowl. They can't pick up a bowling ball, let alone a 7-10 split. Not to mention, there isn't a bowling shoe on earth big enough to fit them.

What's all of this about? Let's go on to paragraph number two:

Unfortunately, this means rhinos won't be taking part in the Oregon Zoo's 18th annual Bowling for Rhinos fund-raiser. The event, sponsored by the Portland chapter of the American Association of Zookeepers, is Sunday, April 29, at Interstate Lanes, from 5 to 8 p.m.

Read more about this international series of events here: Bowlers hit the lanes to help endangered rhinos.

Want to participate? Here the Oregon event's sign-up page.

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