Bloodhound & 23 other dog breeds at risk of extinction

While not separate species, more than 20 breeds of dog are at risk of extinction in the UK in the next several years if birth rates do not increase. Dog breeds are tracked by purebred births. As an example, the once enormously popular bloodhound saw online 70 puppies born in the UK in 2006, according to a report in the Sunday Telegraph.

"Breeders reckon that a birthrate of 300 puppies a year is needed to guarantee a large gene pool and a long term, healthy population, but 10 breeds had less than 100 puppies in the last year."

Why the decline? Some of these breeds had specific "working" purposes for farming, hunting, and other rural pursuits which are no longer needed. Others just aren't in vogue, and are being eclipsed by "celebrity" crossbreeds.

Full story: Bloodhounds on the trail to extinction

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