Endangered leopards beaten to death by Indian mob

India's rapidly growing population puts people and animals closer together than ever, a situation rarely illustrated more powerfully than last week's mob attack on on a leopard in the city of Nashik. The leopard and two others in nearby towns are blamed for attacks on humans (including the death of three children) as they descend from their mountain homes in quest of food.

The Times newspapers reports: "Leopards have long been known to attack humans during winter, when they leave their mountain habitats to search for food. Wildlife experts say that the number of attacks has increased alarmingly in recent years as the Indian economic boom and relentless population growth take their toll of the big cat’s natural environment. Leopards killed 12 people in Jammu and Kashmir last year and 22 people in Maharashtra in recent years, according to local wildlife experts."

Full story: Trapped leopards beaten to death

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