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January, 2007

Where did the spoon-billed sandpiper go?
This little piggy came back from extinction...
Rare Idaho cod breeds in plastic
Tiny snail messenger of water problems to come
Entire herd of rare Nepal rhinos mysteriously disappear
"The most endangered animals in world"
Russian/Japanese salmon breed "on brink of extinction"
Whoopie for the Whooping Crane!
Tree species in Kashmir "on verge of extinction"
Lowering odds for Alaska's beluga whales
Record number of killings threatens Japan's black bear population
160 Iberian Lynx left in Spain
Idaho governor plans wolf slaughter
The Edge of Existence launches; aims to protect 100 most overlooked species
New Zealand: 7 species extinct, 416 more "threatened"
Scotland plan to reintroduce rare and extinct species
Butterfly species in Philippines in danger
Endangered leopards beaten to death by Indian mob
Congo rebels agree to stop killing gorillas
Voracious Asia devours its endangered fish
Can an endangered fly and a city eager to expand live together in harmony?
Another example of tourism benefitting an endangered species
What is a wolf worth? How about $26.50
21 mammals, 18 birds facing extinction in Iran
How do you teach a tiger the birds and the bees?
Vietnamese pot-bellied pig could go belly-up
How to save one of Britain's most endangered species?
Missouri researcher honored for endangered language preservation
15% of Garden State's plant species at risk
Belimbing turtle plummets 97% in 22 years
Gray Wolf becomes 17th species to be delisted from Endangered Species Act
The cute shall inherit the Earth...

February, 2007

Tibetan antelopes and yaks slowly recovering
Defenders Magazine, Winter 2007 issue
Shortnose sturgeon population growing in Hudson River
Coca-Cola: "We don't know nothin' 'bout birthin' no polar bears!"
Developer declares still-existing Native American tribe "extinct"
Florida: annual manatee count down slightly
2008 budget cuts funding for endangered species
Stephens' kangaroo rat protectors hopping mad
A century later, extinct plant rediscovered
Illegal logging threatens orangutans' future
Hundreds of endangered olive ridley turtles found dead in Bangladesh
Scimitar-horned Oryx extinct in the wild, but not in Jacksonville
Cambodian vulture colony raises hope for endangered species
In Nepal, another freshwater dolphin swims toward extinction
Pygmy possums go hungry in face of global warming
The Vaquita porpoise vs. the fisherman
Tricking viruses into extinction
Invasive mold threatens California oak species
Controversy over India's tiger conservation budget
De Beque milkvetch loses out on Endangered Species Act protection
Perlemoen protection pending
Bloodhound & 23 other dog breeds at risk of extinction
Welsh fish gets second chance (and second lake)
IOL: More shark species added to endangered list
Captive-bred Sumatran rhino goes out to stud

March, 2007

Organized crime could drive elephant to extinction
Survival of the Ugliest
140 years later: large-billed reed warbler not extinct after all
Tanzania: an eden for endangered species
Mathematical model aims to preserve species against extinction
Iran's endangered cheetahs to be tracked for first time
Where are New Zealand's butterflies?
Study: Fish extinction changes nutrients in ecosystems
Mexico's blind eye
U.S. to wolves: "You're on your own"
Bush Admin to endangered species: "Not in my backyard"
Pandas deserve a better headline than this
Nearly extinct pygmy rabbits take first hops back into the wild
Demand by aquarium owners drives newly discovered fish towards extinction
Call 999: an emergency for Scotland's biodiversity
"Neighbors gone, fruits gone, species gone"
Extinct oil beetle rediscovered -- Why did it survive?
Rare butterflies vs. off-roaders
"Holy grail of South American ornithology" seen in wild for first time
Feds To Remove Yellowstone Grizzly from Endangered Species List
Number of endangered grouper species grows from 8 to 20
American crocodile rebounds off of endangered list
100 endangered Arabian oryx released into Abu Dhabi wilds
Drought could kill off Australia's last Eyre Peninsula cockatoos

April, 2007

Profile: 'Bear Mother' fights extinction tirelessly
African elephants on "Highway of death"
Killer mice threatening seabirds with extinction
Magnolias: Bloom or Doom?
New Zealand quail species may be alive after all
Now online: National Wildlife Magazine April/May 2007 issue
Pig-footed Bandicoot Rises From the Dead
Turkey's fish farms help endangered species, but create undue pollution
Could saving Tasmanian devils endanger other species?
Bowling for Rhinos
Hawaii launches education program for "state seal"
Chinese economic growth puts merbau tree at risk of extinction
Half of Macedonia's white-head eagle killed last week
Amur tiger population continues to grow
An Earth Day message from Bill Maher
First filmed footage of Sumatran rhino in the wild
Exterminate bees? How about moving them instead?
DNA Testing Reveals Continued, Illegal Trade In Fins Of Endangered Basking Sharks

May, 2007

Zoo breeders have success with three species
Bigfoot an endangered species???
El Hijo del Santo, Mexican wrestler, to protect endangered sea turtles
"The Bush administration has closed the doors on endangered species"
Find "extinct" plant, win $1,000!
"Hobbit" discoverer predicts he'll find more extinct human species in Indonesia
Turtle-protection fence seeks funding
Marbled murrelet vs loggers
Arizona tribes protest plans to scale back bald eagle protection
And then there were six: One of last seven Amur leopard females shot in wild
WWF names ten most threatened species
Cocaine trade is killing off Colombian indian tribe
Breeding cheetahs: as hard as herding cats
Black-Footed Ferrets: Returning From the Brink of Extinction
Round up the spotted owls and force them to breed?
Ontario passes tougher endangered species protection; business owners vow "civil disobedience"
Endangered stork hatches in wild for the first time in 40 years
BirdLife Red List reveals 1,221 bird species facing extinction
Feral cats threaten Hef's rabbits
U.N. "3 extinctions an hour"

June, 2007

Extinction Blog: A (re)introduction
Monkey Theft Kills Chance for Breeding Program
Climate Change Puts New Zealand's Tuatara at Risk
Does the Wolverine Need Endangered Species Protection?
Extinct Catfish Rediscovered in Suriname
Tiger Population Decline is "Catastrophic", Says WWF Scientist
CITES Criticized for Decision on Ugandan Leopards
Trade Talks Fail to Protect Two Shark Species
Orangutans vs. Logging: Habitats Could be Gone in 10 Years
Should Ivory Trade Ban Be Relaxed?
Chinese Turtle May Be Extinct in Ten Years
Global Warming Puts Peary Caribou on Canadian Endangered Species List
"Devil's Bird" Owl Nearly Extinct
U.S. Returning Seeds of Extinct Plants to Korea
Endangered but Unprotected: The Florida Bonneted Bat
Hawaii: "The Endangered Species Capital of the United States"
Vancouver Island Marmot Starts Climb from Extinction
India Hopes to Save Rare Kashmir Red Deer
Counting Down: The Last 110 Mississippi Sandhill Cranes
Dubai's Wadi Fish Threatened by Pollution, Invasive Species
Turkish Group Aims for "Zero Extinction"
Goats, Rats, Pigs and Tourists Put Galapagos at Risk
Jam Makers Hope to "Preserve" Rare Apricot from Extinction

July, 2007

World's Largest Freshwater Fish Threatened with Extinction
Illegal Pet Trade, Poor Water Quality Put Ozark Hellbender at Risk
Poor Lonesome George...
Borneo Rhinos Suffer from Low Sperm Count
Want to Help Endangered Species? Be A Taxonomist
How We Killed Off the Woodrat
Happy Feat: 10 Penguin Species Could Gain Endangered Species Protection
Mussel Fitness
Nearly 300 Species Await Endangered Species Act Protection
Release the Dingoes?
Will Soda Ash Plant Have Us Saying "Ta-Ta" to Flamingos?
Super-fast Evolution Saves Samoa Butterfly from Extinction
Birds vs. Beaches
Coal Mining: One More Threat to Orangutans
Group Aims to Keep India's Bustards from Going Bust
Just 38 Devil's Hole Pupfish Remain
Newspaper Finds UK Zoos Selling Healthy Tigers to Skin Trade
18 Endangered Species Get Second Chance for More Protection
The Battle for the Beluga
Uganda's "Sex Tree" Risks Extinction
How Nuclear Power Helped Save the American Crocodile
Mountain Gorillas Slain in Congo
Endangered Bighorn Sheep Could Get 400,000 Acres of Protected Habitat
World's Largest Feshwater Fish Feared Extinct
Nepal's Elephants Face TB Threat
Thai Amulet Craze Creates Threat for Dugong

August, 2007

UK Game Trust Calls for Grey Partridge Protection
Profiting from Panda Poo
Researchers Hope to Save Critically Endangered Deer from Inbreeding
60% of Zimbabwe's Wildlife Gone Since 2000; Ghana Bans Hunting for 4 Months
Group Sues to Protect Endangered American Jaguar
Contradictory Laws Enable High Fashion to Profit from Threatened Species
Cats vs. Endangered Birds
China's Yangtze River Dolphin Declared Extinct
Endangered Species News Roundup
Western Hemisphere's Largest Butterfly Risks Extinction
Frog-killing Fungus Worse than Originally Feared
Where Have All the Butterflies Gone?
A Campaign to Save the World's Most Endangered Birds
Bush Asks Federal Agencies to Cater to Hunters
New Island Home Equals Hope for the Gilbert's Potoroo
Banning Lead Bullets Could Save the California Condor
Emergency Rangers Deployed to Protect Endangered Mountain Gorillas
Hawaiian Monk Seal Gets First New Recovery Plan in Nearly 25 Years
Dietary Supplement Could Save Rare Parrot from Extinction
2008 Declared 'Year of the Frog'
Artificial Insemination Technique Gives Hope to Endangered Species
Lobstahs vs Whales
UK's Biodiversity in Crisis
Japan's Rarest Wildcat Gets Even Rarer

September, 2007

Courts Rule Against Endangered Species
Endangered Species News Roundup
Rebels in Congo Seize Gorilla Sector
Twenty Years of Repopulation Efforts Down the Drain...
937 Swiss Mushroom Species Facing Extinction
Can the Polar Bear Save the World from Global Warming?
Dam Removal Helping to Save Endangered Minnow
2007 Red List: 16,306 Species Threatened with Extinction
Just How Well Off Is the Pacific Gray Whale?
Save the Giant, Spitting Earthworm!
Alabama Business Coalition Fights Against Sturgeon Protection
Do Hybrid Species Have Value?
Too Little, Too Late?
Tax Credits Could Benefit Endangered Species -- Eventually
Saving Species by Moving Them
Endangered Species Trade Brings Meth Plague to South Africa
Birds of a Feather Recover, Breed or Die Off Together
New Bill Will Try to Ban Airborne Wolf Hunting
Breeding Under the Microscope (and Under Water)

October, 2007

Snakes in New Jersey Win Important Victory
Gee, a Happy Beginning: Pennsylvania to Protect Northern Flying Squirrel
Clock Ticking Toward Tasmanian Devil Extinction
Does Captive Breeding of Endangered Species Work?
Bumblebee Species Believed to be Extinct
A Rare Case of Invasive Species Helping An Ecosystem
Updates: Good News and Bad for Several Endangered Species
Rare Tiger Spotted for First Time in 30 Years
U.S. Drought Spells Bad News for Endangered Species
Resort Threatens Last 100 Grenada Doves
60 Nations Meet to Save Endangered Raptors
Gold Trumps Endangered Trout and Salmon in California
Third Iberian Lynx Population Discovered in Spain
How Do You Assess the Health of Endangered Species in the Wild?
Primate Apocalypse: One Third of Primate Species Risk Extinction
South Africa Bans All Abalone Fishing
New England Puts Endangered Loggerhead Turtles in the Cross-Hairs
Five Dead Cattle Spell Trouble for Mexican Gray Wolf

November, 2007

Kenya Aims to Quadruple Black Rhino Population in 25 Years
I'll Have the Fish and Chips (Hold the Fish)
Butterflies May Be the Canaries in the Environmental Coal Mine
Plant Extinctions Will Speed Up Global Warming
Natural Gas vs. Endangered Species
Endangered Species News Roundup
The Long, Sad Saga of a Tiny, Tiny Mouse
A Hybrid in Wolf's Clothing
162 Million Species Still to be Discovered?
Border Fence Threatens Endangered Species, Says Mexican Government
Rare Porpoise Faces Two-Year Window to Prevent Extinction
Congo Moves to Protect Endangered Bonobos
Post-Thanksgiving Endangered Species News Catch-up
Gray Wolves on the Rebound (But There's Bad News, Too)
Good News for Endangered Species
25% of U.S. Bird Species Risk Extinction

December, 2007

The Gift that Keeps on Giving: Endangered Species Poop
"Extinct" for 150 Years, the Petrel Returns
Can Two Lone Turtles Save Their Species?
Science and Coral: It's Alive! It's Alive!
At Last, Hope for Endangered Orangutans
Parasite Preying on Pandas
Another Rare Species, Another Disease Killing Them Off
Bad News for Birds
State Fish of Texas Breeding Its Way to Extinction
Genetics Redefining What Makes A Species
Rare Duck Now Rat-Free and Loving It
"Say No to Shahtoosh"

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