The arrogance of the anti-wildlife crowd

Remember the "welfare recipients driving Cadlilacs" stories -- you know, the ones that had no relationship with the truth but were used to devestate funding for social systems?

Well, now the same argument is being used against environs and endangered species activists.

Check out this editorial from the San Jose Mercury News: "Activists again are filing lawsuits to stop forest management, and the government pays them to do it. They craft settlements that pay them handsomely with taxpayer money so that they can live well and file the next lawsuit. No wonder they are inflexible."

This was written by a member of the advisory board of The Forest Foundation, whose "board of directors consists of forestry professionals, educators, and business and community leaders. " Yeah, that sounds impartial.

Link: - Environmental activists' suits damage wildlife in the long term.

(You can find out how to write a letter to the editor in response to this opinion piece here.)

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