Snails' slow crawl to extinction not that slow at all

In New Zealand, the an endangered snail is going head-to-head with a coal mining company to see which lifeform is slimier.

In a press release, the Save Happy Valley Coalition claims that a full one-third of the species Powelliphanta is being kept in plastic ice-cream containers, in a refrigerator of all places. Coal mining firm Solid Energy was supposed to wait until an appropriate conservation method had been established before moving forward with their latest project, but someone at Solid seems a wee bit anxious. "They're pulling snails off the mountain as fast as they can, with no suitable captive rearing facility in sight, hundreds of kilometres from the Powelliphanta expert who was charged with their care, and with no known suitable habitat to put them in," says the coalition's spokesperson.

Full story: Coal miner breaches permit in rush to extinction.

Link: Solid Energy, Save Happy Valley Coalition

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