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June, 2006

String of rare-monkey thefts in UK
2,500 endangered turtles die in smuggling operation
Polar bears may turn to cannibalism?????????
Anti-poaching efforts pay off at Africa's oldest national park
New species of butterfly (re)created in the lab
Pregnant Sumatran rhino = hope for the species
The down-side of wind power
Eld deer makes a comeback in China
Tuna "catastrophre" in Mediterranean
Study: Marine protected areas not sufficient to protect global biodiversity
Endangered cheetah population grows by 3
India's Crocodile Bank breeds critically-endangered species
Florida: Endangered turtles vs endangered beaches
Darwin's tortoise, dead at 176
Pangolins saved from stewpots
Must read: The uncertain fate of Florida's red-cockaded woodpecker (and what it means to the manatee)
Whooping cranes make whoopie
Where have all the cricket frogs gone?
Invading Antarctica
"Sudden wetlands dieback" in Connecticut
Beetle reappears in UK after centuries of so-called "extinction"
Endangered flower or ecoterrorism?
China bans use of tiger parts
2007 US budget would slash spending for endangered species
BBC: 'Extinct' quail sighted in India
Are Sumatran rhinos breeding in the wild?
Contagious cancer could doom Tasmanian Devil

July, 2006

Tigers Forever initiative attracts $10 million in venture capital funding
Can the last 17 Yangtze dolphins be saved?
One man poses huge threat to endangered species
Mass bird extinctions around the world
Sonar success story (for now)
Endangered sea turtle unites people from different walks of life
The Plight of Plants
Jane Goodall on the bushmeat threat to gorillas
Gone: West African black rhino delcared extinct
Grant aims to save dying languages
The Javan rhino, another species in decline
Yellowstone ecosystem could lose key migrant species
Must read: tracking endangered species by smell
Editors wuv the cute & cuddly
It's not easy being a white alligator
Prairie chicken gets a boost
Viet Nam fishermen hunt tiger catfish to possible extinction
Where have all the pollenators gone?
Jumping mouse jumps for joy (but it's still endangered)
An unexpected benefit of high gas prices
Tiger habitat down 40% in last decade
Habitat loss threatens UK butterflies
Extinct: Desmoulin's whorl snail
Northern aplomado falcon removed from Endangered Species list -- but too soon?
Last seen 80 years ago, 750-legged millipede makes re-appearance
Vancouver's most endangered mammals begin a comeback

August, 2006

Eels and dams just don't get along
Conserve rare species on islands or mainlands?
Butterfly smuggler caught in his own net
A different type of monster in Tasmania?
20 new grants support worldwide bird conservation
Gun-crazy Montana wildlife board nearly triples bison hunt
Satellites to track endangered turtle
Chinese Consumer Key to Saving World's Sharks
China Orders Mass Slaughter of Dogs
Thinking about bears in Texas
Malaysian leatherback population gone
South Africa celebrates the "panda of the plant world"
Butterflies indirectly killed off by rabbit virus reintroduced
Mike Luckovich on Global Warming
NRDC issues call to protect endangered grizzlies
Largest panda cub born in captivity
China: "Hey, let's have people pay us to shoot endangered species!"
This is still a question?
Malaysia denies reports of leatherback extinction
Viet Nam needs help to protect its primates
UK invaded by American crayfish
When languages die, so does traditional lore (and plants, and animals...)
Public outcry delays first auction of hunting quotas
Middle East black economy threatens Scotland's peregrine falcoms
Politics hold up India's conservation legislation
Bats: Britain's newest aristocracy
Snails' slow crawl to extinction not that slow at all
Umm... okay.
Pollution threatens Joshua trees with extinction
Bagot goat births give endangered species hope
NWF: "Stop the Attack on the Endangered Species Act"
WWF uses "Snakes on a Plane" to call attention to real wildlife smuggling
"World's largest snake harvest" threatens Cambodian lake
Rattle snakes like it hot -- but not this hot
Canada continues its rejection of endangered species
Canada's endangered species in the crossfire
16 Insect Species Denied Endangered Species Act Protection
Ugandan rebels vow to protect last four northern white rhinos in the wild
Marijuana growers a threat to area wildlife
Neo-Nazis driving "Hitler's beetle" to extinction
Court reinstates pesticide approval process
Maine landowners get conservation dollars
16 bird species on rebound from extinction
One woman's quiet fight to save monarch butterflies
Aliens species invading the Galapagos?
VietNam scientists breed rare newt
Surge in elephant poaching in Chad
Group claims Europe is overfishing shark population

September, 2006

Rhino "baby boom" on Java
Steve Irwin's legacy
Wildlife icon Steve Irwin killed filming new special
Tomorrow is National Thylacine Day
Operation Cat Tale sheds light on illegal ocelot trade
Protect the giant, spitting earthworm!
The arrogance of the anti-wildlife crowd
When Bad Science Means Extinction - Los Angeles Times
Species lose ESA protection -- but not for a good reason
If a tree dies in the forest...
The Kouprey: extinct or never-was?
India's state bird threatened with extinction
Walls do more than keep out illegal immigrants
Iranian ivy creeping to extinction
NPR profiles the black-footed ferret

October, 2006

Scientists compete for the fate of the koala
"The Unsung Battle to Save the Siberian Tiger"
Climate change could drive rain-reliant lemurs to extinction
Extinct in Africa, white lions breen in Austria zoo
Endangered bird species breeds for first time in ten years
Wolverine gets second chance at ESA protection
World fin trade may harvest up to 73 million sharks per year
The Gilbert potoroo -- one of the world's most endangered marsupials
Texas bighorn: "We're no longer endangered, so start shootin'!"
"Targeted vaccination" could save endangered species

November, 2006

Admin: brief hiatus

December, 2006

Has the Yangtze dolphin gone extinct?
Signs of hope for endangered King Cobra
Santa Claus warns of reindeer extinction
Ebola outbreak could wipe out western lowland gorilla
Frankincense harvesting endangers resin-producing trees
UN study: One domestic breed goes extinct every month
Cartoon auction to benefit endangered Olive Ridley turtles
1,000 organutans dead in forest fire
Want to save a rare animal from extinction? Eat it.
Two Iranian river fish "on verge of extinction"
Polar bear could get endangered species status
2006 Top 10 Wildlife Conservation Success Stories; Saving the Elephants, Burying Beetles, Palilas, Bongos, Guans and More
The Vaquita in decline: World's Smallest Porpoise Nearly Extinct
Skyrian horses face extinction
Scotland's red kites in mass slaughter
Traditional crops are on verge of extinction in section of Himalayas

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