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January, 2008

TECH: Clean Tech to Smash Trash
TECH: Digital Temperature Controls Get Warm Response
TECH: Sonar Risk to Whales May Increase
TECH: Rain Power? Really?

February, 2008

China’s odd e-recycling moves
National Security Imperiled By Wind Farms—Still
Banking on air
Ecological sensor webs gain high-tech edge

March, 2008

Rogue recycling
Bamboo laptop computers
The bionic side of water
Smoother sailing on kite-and-diesel hybrid ships
Denmark’s electric avenues

April, 2008

Earn your keep, Mississippi
Why solar cells failed Bahrain
Zoo launches first database to help birds return to their habitats
Tech sector’s water footprint

May, 2008

Start-up announces extreme solar cells
Unmanned aircraft sample California’s smog
IBM vs. a grain of rice
Smart grid start-ups flush with funding
Maze-like material keeps buildings cool

June, 2008

Synthetic trees—our only hope for curbing climate change?
Coming soon: Advanced geothermal tech to blast open rock
Satellite sensor links birders and NASA scientists
Solar-powered water purification just got six times better

July, 2008

Flat-screen TVs—worse than coal plants?
Ferrari to build hybrid for low-carbon racing
Giant helium balloon displays Paris’s air quality
Earthquake-prone Turkey embraces nuclear power
Solar and hydrogen fuel cell boat prepares for voyage
Oregon coast may be ideal spot to bury CO2
Telescopic pixels may brighten low-power displays
Marine energy projects get water leases
Green car round up

August, 2008

Cheap solar telephony for rural villages
Led lighting poised to take on CFLs this fall
Carbon-counting software takes off
Sam’s Club shoppers consider solar rooftops
India will farm wasteland for biodiesel
Is Bloomberg’s New York energy plan dreamy or dubious?
Outsourcing to Colorado
Japan preps for electric vehicles with speedy charging stations

September, 2008

African microbes charge up fuel cells
Should we drive on natural gas?
Synchrotron peers into worms for toxic clean-up
Lawnmower-style underwater turbines
Algae genes make hydrogen and ethanol
First U.S. greenhouse gas auction takes place this week
Trees self-power a wildfire alert network
Japan plans green “super express” train

October, 2008

New solar tech collects energy at night
Energy ball spins new form of wind energy
Marine life gets Google Earth spotlight
LEDs may double as wireless access points
Feeling left behind in the home solar trend?
Guerrilla car charging
Niagara River turbine plan gets first permits
Airfare likely to rise in wake of EU’s new carbon rules
New solar cells reach record efficiency

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