This Ain’t Ed Begley Junior’s Electric Car

Are you a fan of shiny things that go fast, but not so big on global warming? If so, an auto manufacturer in Canada may have the car for you.

Silence Inc., a Quebec-based car company, is getting ready to launch the Silence T1, a fully electric sports car that can purr along at an impressive 125 miles per hour and accelerate from 0 to 60 in under six seconds. More practically, the T1 can travel about 200 miles on an eight-hour charge. As for drawbacks, its funky three-wheeled design makes it poorly suited for taking the kids to soccer practice.

The T1 is the eco-friendly offspring of a joint venture between EBW (Electronic Big Wheel) known for fun but geeky electric go-carts, and niche automaker T-Rex, seller of the gas-powered three wheelers favored by equilibrium-challenged bikers. Drivers may not get the same macho buzz when that smartass kid in the Camaro floors it at the stoplight while the T1's gas pedal revs up about like a supercharged electric lawnmower.

But that’s a small price to pay for doing your part to save the planet, right? Silence will be taking orders for the T1 starting this fall, with a manufacturer's suggested retail price of around $48,000.