A Lean, Green, Computing Machine

While the Information Age has allowed us to apply a lot more processing power (and words) to environmental issues, it’s also helped turn our homes and offices into even bigger black holes for energy, and loaded up landfills with toxic techno-crap. However, for those who want to feel a little less guilty about feeding their gadget fix, a company called Enano produces a line of computers that have a smaller impact on the planet and take up less space on your desk.

Recently featured in The New York Times, the Enano E2 is a line of computers specifically designed to be more eco-friendly than other brands while still providing the same kind of computing power as a standard desktop. The box itself is about the size of a trade paperback and only weighs around three pounds (depending on configuration). Apart from the “less to throw away” feature, the E2 uses about a third of the energy of most desktops, and is an Energy Star partner.

Enano PCs run Windows Vista and generally have the full line of features of clunkier models, including DVD-RW, 4 USB ports, and up to 180 MB of memory. Higher-end models include TV tuners.

The pricing on the Enano is a little more Mac than PC, ranging from $1,245 for the ex5500 up to $1,825 for the ex7400, which may sound expensive. But that’s still less than I paid for my 386 back in the early ’90s. Click here for more information or to find a dealer.


Careful with your facts, there -- you might have techies reading! 180MB of memory doesn't make much sense. The most powerful Enano PC actually has 2GB of Random Access Memory (RAM), and 160GB of hard drive space.

You are right, but I'll plead my age on this one.

I've been using "memory" and "hard drive space" interchangeably since hard drives were measured in MB, RAM in KB, I was the proud owner of a Colecovision Adam computer, and the lingo was less fully established.

I promise to be less careless with my terminology in future... :-)