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Wilco is trying to save the world, one show at a time

Following in the respectable footsteps of eco-conscious fellow rockers Radiohead, alt-rock darlings Wilco recently announced their plan for reducing their concerts' carbon footprint. The plan, called Passenger Side (after a Wilco song), is a section of the Wilco website dedicated to helping concertgoers find rides to share with other local carpoolers. To take part, Wilco fans have to register on the site, then file themselves under either Driver Side or Passenger Side, and wait for the ride-sharing magic to happen.

Wilco are no slouches themselves in terms of rocking for causes. In fact, there's a section dedicated to that on their website as well, as well as a voter registration form. On the green front, Wilco's show this week in Brooklyn's McCarren Pool benefitted Open Space Alliance for North Brooklyn, a group that funds preservation and restoration of existing parks and helps to develop new ones around the Brooklyn neighborhoods.
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Darryl Hannah, Pam Anderson, and Paris Hilton have ideas for a world that’s too hot

Three fair-haired lady celebs are offering energy solutions right about now. They are, in order of respectability: Darryl Hannah, Pamela Anderson, and last, but most entertaining, Paris Hilton.

Darryl Hannah, who should really have some kind of bamboo crown for being such an oldschool, hardcore greenie, has raised her voice in defense of bio-fuels, the reputation of which has been taking a beating lately due to the ethanol/raised food prices connection.

Hannah’s been driving a converted El Camino muscle car that runs on vegetable oil for a decade now. She’s lived on her own eco-farm in the Rocky Mountains near Telluride, CO, for double that amount of time, where she grows her own vegetables (she’s vegetarian) and tools around the rougher terrain on a veggie oil-powered 4x4.

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Pop goes the world: Today’s pop starlets, like, care about causes

Miley Cyrus (aka Hannah Montana, aka for those of us older than tweenage who don’t have children, daughter of the Mulleted One Billy Ray Cyrus who sings “Achy, Breaky Heart”) has co-written a song about global warming for her new album: “Wake Up America.”

And apparently what the teen popstress co-wrote was teen pop fare. One reviewer was most displeased with the effort: “The album takes a turn for the worse with "Wake Up America's" preachy platitudes about global warming that would make Al Gore wince. The rest is filled with sappy, identity-less ballads - but then at 15, does anyone know who they are?”


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Kanye West’s big carbon footprint at the Global Gathering

Rumor has it Kanye West brought an entourage 18 buses strong for his July 25 performance at the Global Gathering dance music festival in Warwickshire, UK. His Glow in the Dark performance at the fest seemed to indicate he’s also in the dark about the environment:  his set included a  custom-built stage for his performance and 100,000 British pounds worth of lights. And there’s also this: “Festival bosses have also reportedly employed a ‘top-quality chef’ to cook a three-course sit-down meal for the hip-hop star and his entourage.”

Maybe Kanye misunderstands the whole hubbub over global warming: The objective is not to make the planet’s temperatures rise; it’s actually the opposite. Did Kanye think he had to bring the whole audience himself? Somebody please explain the rationale for an 18-bus entourage. The festival’s lineup, which despite it’s “global” name was not another eco-fest, also included vegan extraordinaire Moby and DJ Mark Ronson.

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Neil Young is a badass

The 2006 reunion concert tour of Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young could have just been a no-brainer of hits if it weren’t for the will of a certain Mr. “Y” in the “CSNY.” Neil Young insisted on using his latest album Living With War, and the results—good, bad and ugly—are presented in a new documentary opening this week called CSNY: Déjà Vu, according to the New York Times. Not all audience members on the tour were receptive to the 62-year-old Young’s anti-war invectives, especially during a performance of “Let’s Impeach the President” at a show in Atlanta, Georgia which drew “boos, middle fingers, and worse.”

“The Living With War album got such a varied reaction,” Young said in the article. “Extreme negative and personal attacks, all kinds of things I had never had before from any kind of record. But that’s what made it so interesting, and such a great subject for a film. We didn’t know what was going happen, but we knew something was going to happen.”

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