Two rockers weigh in on saving the planet

Two British musicians have spoken out on the state and fate of the planet this week with decidedly different takes. I’ll start with the mocking point-of-view from the ever-outspoken Noel Gallagher of Oasis because, let’s face it, it’s more fun to read.

“Global problems are very easily solved by rockstars, aren’t they,” Gallagher said in an interview with the Herald Sun.

“Starving people in Africa, let’s do a gig, that’ll sort it out. There’s war on the streets of Baghdad, let’s do a gig. Global warming and carbon emissions – let’s have a concert. It’s f---ing bullsh--.

 “You can’t blame rock stars for global warming when the Chinese, the Indian and the Americans have been pumping out sh-- into the atmosphere for the last 100 years.”

“That’s just f---ing nonsense. You can’t put a load of rock stars up on a stage and expect to wipe out global poverty. That’s ludicrous. Somebody’s doing a load of acid if they think that’s going to happen.”

Oh, Noel.  Don’t hold back. When will you say what you really mean?

Meanwhile, the Sun reports that Mike Skinner, aka The Streets, is majorly bummed about the planet. Some of the tracks on his latest album, Everything is Borrowed, tackle environmental concerns, such as “The Way of the Dodo,” and he recently commented further on the topic.
“I do have a sense that the world will end. I’m not sure whether that makes me clinically depressed but I am aware how delicate our little bubble is,” Skinner said, adding, “It’s not like I’m a crazy eco-warrior but when we tour we travel very lightly nowadays.”

Gallagher is quite the ranter (not to mention, rather negative), but he does offer the best suggestion of the pair. "The only way it’s going to be solved is if the world powers get together and are serious about it. I really think it’ll take an absolute global catastrophe for anyone to take it seriously, not just saving a few polar bears from dying. In the meantime Radiohead can get on their battery operated pushbikes as long as they like but they’re pissing in the wind.”

Skinner, by contrast, just gets sad, which doesn’t help anything.  As a distraction, read the full Noel Gallagher interview for his takes on Amy Winehouse and James Blunt, among others.

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