Danny John-Jules assaults recycling workers

It's not often you hear of a violent assault over a recycling matter, but hold onto your organic, fair trade, hand-crocheted wool hat, because today you shall.

Danny John-Jules, the TV and film actor best known for playing The Cat on the cult hit 1990s BBC sci-fi sitcom "The Red Dwarf," had a bad morning back in February. Many of us have gotten a little carried away with what we toss into the bin in sometimes-vain hopes that it can be recycled, and we've all had our recycling left at the curb a time or two, unclaimed by collectors. But when a father and son team of recycling collectors refused to empty John-Jules' bin because it held a non-recyclable Styrofoam container, the TV star laid the smack down. And this week, the judges laid down the law in their response.

The Crown Persecution Service said Danny became irate when the team ignored his protests for not taking the recycling. Wearing a bathrobe and his wife's slippers, 47-year-old Danny followed the men up the road from his home in north London, then punched and kicked them to the ground.

"He kept saying 'You need to take this bin away'. He got more upset. He spat at me in my face," said Jaroslaw Lisiencki, one of the men Danny attacked, at an earlier hearing. Back in July, he described it further: "He was swearing a lot … He was furious. As he was walking he was also waving something. It was a blade."

Danny was arrested, and now has been found guilty of assault, but judges did not find evidence of the alleged 16-inch knife. John-Jules' sentencing is scheduled for next month.

More from Jaroslaw: "My father doesn't speak English and he asked me in Polish, 'What is the man doing to you?' At that moment, he kicked my father on his leg.

"After my father was kicked, I was hit with quite a lot of strength. I didn't lose consciousness but I felt dazed."

Well…that's disturbing. This blogger would like to point out that many recyclers are upstanding citizens who do not assault sanitation workers. And at least Red Dwarf fans have a Red Dwarf reunion miniseries next year to look forward to? Hopefully’s Danny’s crazy stint won’t put the series on hold.

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