George Clooney: The most dreamy environmentalist in Hollywood

On the solemn occasion of the third anniversary of Hurricane Katrina’s devastation (and the eve of another hurricane with the potential to be equally devastating) and at the conclusion of the DNC, one man rises above the drama and the grandstanding: George Clooney.

He’s an electric-car-driving environmentalist, a liberal, and an Obama supporter. But unlike fellow Hollywood libs Charlize Theron, Susan Sarandon, Anne Hathaway, Spike Lee, and Darryl Hannah, Clooney chose not to attend the DNC. He’s all the way over in his other home country of Italy promoting his new film with Brad Pitt, Burn After Reading, but when asked whether he wanted to attend the convention, he replied, “I like watching conventions on television. I think the stars there should be the people who have been elected.”

He wasn’t exactly raving about Obama’s prospects, saying he was optimistic but also worried about the future, and Pitt was similarly tight-lipped. Perhaps, as an article in the Telegraph mused, this was tied to McCain’s comparison of Obama’s fan base to that of a celebrity. (As if McCain would turn away such a passionate, not to mention youthful, following, were he capable of attaining it.)

Georgie boy and his co-star are also philanthropists. Last week, Cloon and Pitt held a fundraising dinner for the charity they co-founded, Not on Our Watch. The organization benefits and raises awareness of the humanitarian crises in Darfur and similar global issues.

Speaking of Brad Pitt, his Make it Right campaign for building sustainable homes in New Orleans has chosen a New Orleans company, South Coast Solar, to supply solar panels for the homes being constructed in the Lower 9th Ward, which was ravaged by the storm three years ago. The solar panels won’t just benefit the environment but will result in lower energy bills for the residents. The first round of solar panels is being put into place right about now.

According to Treehugger, Clooney already donated $300K to Make it Right, with plans to donate more. He’s such a decent fellow that I hardly noticed how completely gorgeous he is.

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