Neil Young is a badass

The 2006 reunion concert tour of Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young could have just been a no-brainer of hits if it weren’t for the will of a certain Mr. “Y” in the “CSNY.” Neil Young insisted on using his latest album Living With War, and the results—good, bad and ugly—are presented in a new documentary opening this week called CSNY: Déjà Vu, according to the New York Times. Not all audience members on the tour were receptive to the 62-year-old Young’s anti-war invectives, especially during a performance of “Let’s Impeach the President” at a show in Atlanta, Georgia which drew “boos, middle fingers, and worse.”

“The Living With War album got such a varied reaction,” Young said in the article. “Extreme negative and personal attacks, all kinds of things I had never had before from any kind of record. But that’s what made it so interesting, and such a great subject for a film. We didn’t know what was going happen, but we knew something was going to happen.”

“It’s about war; it’s not about either one of them [the current war or Vietnam]” he said. “In our sound-bite society, ‘Let’s Impeach the President’ and the political side of it seems to be the side that the press focused on the most. But that’s an offshoot of the real story, which is the tragedy of war, and the families, and how it affects people.”

Clearly Neil Young hasn’t given up on the peaceful ideals of his generation. As further evidence, he plans to convert a 1959 Lincoln Continental Mark IV to electric power, to the tune of $120,000. The project is known as Linc-Volt, and the concept behind the project is to erase the need for oil and thus, erase the need for war. “Why are we having a war?” he said. “It’s all about energy. Trying to get rid of the reason for the war, that’s something that’s doable.”

The musician hasn’t just branched off into socially conscious filmmaking; two years ago, Neil put out the eco-themed and eco-friendly book Greendale. Greendale began as a live stage tour and album. When it was time to adapt it to book format, Neil demanded recycled paper and soy-based inks.

Oh yeah, and Neil has expanded his empire into one other category: he also has a spider named after him.

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Hi there,
this comment is re: electric cars ..... I have a newspaper clipping about electric cars being ready for mass marketing a few years ago ... however they were taken off market and destroyed I believe in response to pressure from auto parts manufacturers & sellers ... I'll go and find it and report back to you the exact details of the article ....
"Keep on rocking in the free world"

found it: article is in The Tennessean newspaper August 7, 2006 Monday. Title is Documentary examines death of General Motors' electric car by Ty Burr of Boston Globe reprinted in Living: Entertainment section of the Tennessean. The documentary movie title is "Who Killed the Electric Car?"

Movie played at local theatre ... I guess you might find the article on or maybe google it if you are so inclined. I do not know exactly how to forward it if its on the web ...I have a paper copy ... Are the new Smart cars on the market electric? Well, it's time for me to tune in to the Colbert Report ... good nite!

I was reading this essay about neil young and t boone pickins trying to solve the energy problem and it's really great to see these influential people try and solve problems. hopefully the government will actually pay attention.

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