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Stella McCartney has been incorporating vegan leather in her fashion designs for years: She recently worked organic cotton into her lingerie line for Barneys; and now her just-launched autumn and winter collection for Harvey Nichols in the UK utilizes organic cotton.

She also just launched a natural and organic skin care line called CARE, but David  Bronner is calling Stella’s stellar reputation into question. The president of Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps is suing companies like CARE, Jason, Nature’s Gate, Avalon Organics, and Kiss my Face, acting on revelations by the Organic Consumers Association that some “organic” and “natural” products actually contain toxic chemicals. The allegations against McCartney’s line specifically seem to focus on the claim that ingredients are 100% organic, when the suit says not all of them are organic.

But back in the Stella generally rules category, the designer has also just pledged her support for Liverpool’s Field of Women event early next month, which will be the year’s biggest charity event in that area. Proceeds go to fight breast cancer, the disease that claimed Stella’s mother, Linda McCartney. The Linda McCartney Center of Liverpool is reaching out to 10,000 others to register for the event. Participants at the Cricket Ground where the event is held will line up side by side to form the silhouette of “Lucy,” an acronym which stands for Listen Up, Check Yourself, to help raise awareness.

If you read the full Natural News article about the Bronner lawsuit linked above, it is rather disconcerting—you mean, there are petrochemicals and may even be carcinogens in the natural products I buy at Whole Foods? Where does it end? But Stella is one of the good gals, and I won’t be surprised if she reformulates the CARE line. 


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I think the lawsuit is very interesting, and maybe very needed. With the way things are so out of hand, we really need to have strict laws about organic products. It's so tiring trying to read every little thing and figure out whether shit is legit or not. 50% of the companies the Organic Trade Assocciation tested came back with Dioxane in them. Makes me glad i wash my hair with lemons and don't worry about soap :)

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