The 10 most overexposed green celeb stories

This blog has been around for a little more than a year now. The Dirt is still young enough to be in cloth diapers, but although it hasn’t reached the terrible twos, it’s old enough to start saying a defiant “No!” to certain stories. Here are 10 topics I’m ready to bury away from The Dirt due to their overexposure in the press this year.

10) Natalie Portman’s vegan shoe line. A pretty young actress made herself a vegan shoe line that includes fetching shiny red pumps. Got it.

9) Kate Hudson’s natural haircare line.  A pretty young actress made herself a natrual haircare line which allows her pretty blonde hair to continue to look pretty. Got it.

8) Punky Brewster’s eco-baby store. Hey, remember Punky Brewster? Oh, you do remember because there were 3500 articles about her opening an eco baby store? Me too! I also remember because I enjoyed watching the televised adventures of that sassy little scamp. She’s all grown up now.

7) Brangelina are saving the world several babies at a time. Gorgeous actress Angelina Jolie paired up with pretty actor Brad Pitt, who bears an alarming resemblance to the young version of her dad, and now they do lots of good green deeds for redeveloping post-Katrina New Orleans together. Good for them.

6) Leonardo DiCaprio made a green movie and stuff. Yay.

5) Adrian Grenier? More like Adrian GREEN-IER. Gorgeous young actor Adrian Grenier has recycled denim insulating his Brooklyn eco home’s walls and is generally all about being green. (To this writer, though, photos of Adrian doing anything are more welcome than any other kind of green celeb overexposure.)

4) Ed Begley, Jr. is the greenest guy of all. Ed Begley is great. But admit it, you would not have given him a second thought if his green lifestyle were not being trumpeted all over the joint.

3) Oprah temporarily went vegan. Fiddle dee dee! Even a raw food diet could be enjoyable if made by a high-end private chef.

2) Paris Hilton/Olsen Twin/Ritchie/Lohan/Kardashian did something indicating they might not be as shallow as they typically seem. Maybe they went to a benefit or drove a hybrid. I still don’t really believe they care.

1) And finally: Celebrity “hippy-crites.” As much as global-warming-denying kooks must loathe the media blitz of green news, stories, tips, celeb items, etc., the amount of articles on “just how green are celebrities after all?” are almost as prevalent. It’s a new kind of pollution.