Love letters from Paul Newman

I’ve been getting letters from Paul Newman lately, and what a thrill it has been! Well, technically, the mailings are for several of his charity causes, probably because I answered George Clooney’s appeal and donated to the Darfur relief cause. Now the charities have me figured (accurately) as a sucker for any cause heralded by a dreamboat movie star. And I think this is a wise tactic more charities should employ.

But since he has such an outstanding record for the charity work, let’s take a look at some of Paul Newman’s revelations to me from these letters:

“Ours may become the first generation in history to fail in its most fundamental moral obligation: to leave the world a better place for our children and grandchildren. We cannot sit back and accept this possibility. We hope you can’t either. Please join us as proud members of Environmental Defense Action Fund and take action to leave the world a better place for those who come after us.”

Wow—that one’s from Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward! Their cause, the Environmental Defense Action Fund, works toward solutions for environmental problems—for example, they ended the usage of the pesticide DDT, and persuaded McDonald’s to reduce their wasteful packaging and increase recycling. (A gift of $25 or more to the organization gets you a canvas tote to add to the grocery-shopping collection.)

Here’s another letter excerpt:

“I have played a variety of roles over the years, but none has been as important and personally rewarding as the real-life role I play as a supporter of the International Rescue committee.”

In this letter, Paul references his work with IRC, which offers aid to refugees from Darfur, Sudan, and other disaster areas. (He also implies that, God forbid, were anything to ever happen to Joanne...well, never mind.)

All kidding aside, Paul Newman is one of the greats and his works for others (and in the field of organic foods) are too numerous to list here. Just as a few examples, his Newman’s Own line, which has benefited charities for decades, just released a line of all-natural, organic cat food of such quality (pro-biotics, Ester-C, antioxidants) that it meets human food-grade standards. He’s also on the board of directors for the 20-year old Hole in the Wall Gang Camp for kids with cancer. Whatta guy.

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